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[IP] Diabetes cont.

Those others of you with children who want to grab a kleenex don't 
forget that all the things you hate for your kids to go through we all 
do.  I am not criticizing, but if you have never felt what diabetes does 
to how you feel, it is really hard to sympathize.  Not all diabetics 
react to situations, whether physically or mentally, in the same way. 
 When my blood sugars are elevated, I feel horrible and just want to lay 
down and sleep for days.  When my sons blood sugars are elevated, he is 
wide open.  Sometimes I am so blown away at how he appears to feel 
wonderful.  I am not saying that it is not bad for children and their 
parents.  I have been in all three situations.  I was diagnosed at the 
age of 11.  I have had this for 21 years.  My son was diagnosed at 8.   
Diabetes is bad for everybody.  It makes all of us cry or want to at any 
given moment.  Please do not patronize us with your feelings for your 
child and act like we have been through nothing.  You could never know 
what it is really like.  I am so sorry that you have a child that will 
have to deal with this disease for the rest of their lives.  Thank God 
they have parents like you to be there for them and advocate for them. 
 Many of us never had that.   I do not mean to sound so defensive, but 
this is bad for everyone of us who has Diabetes.  Don't think that 
because we are adults that we don't still go through all the same things 
that your child does.  We still do without, are looked at differently, 
have to live with this every second of everyday, and would still love 
for someone to just make it go away.  That is not happening at this 
moment for any of us no matter how old.  I apologize for jumping on a 
soap box.

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