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Re: [IP] Re: DKA

As a list full of newly diagnosed people who are turning here for information 
it is very important that we check most of our facts (myself included)  This 
idea of DKA verses o being ketodic only has been brought up numerous times.  
If you are in DKA you will not be able to help yourself at home.  You will 
need IV fluids, and other medications to stabilize your body.  It is the 
Acidosis part that you will need the help with.  If your BG goes up and you 
feel crappy and perhaps spilling some keytones but you are bale to manage 
this condition at home with insulin and lots of fluids your are NOT in DKA  
You don't have the 'A' part of DKA  just keytosis.   

Please, Barbara, Spot, someone with more experience than myself, straighten 
this out. so that misinformation is not being put out here.  It could have 
others on this list confused.
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