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[IP] Sorta OT but kinda relevant

    I realized after reading today's posts that I must be a little more looney
than I have ever thought. I was thinking about how I am feeling waiting for
the pump. I am anxious, happy, hopeful, as well as nervous. I can only compare
it to a Christmas day for a kid who thinks he may have hit the Santa jackpot.
    I can barely contain myself waiting to find out if my insurance approves
me for pump therapy. I have gone from 11 years of Humulin R & NPH constantly
chasing insulin with food to Lantus/Novolog MDI eating once a day and losing
31 pounds so far. I have thought out all of the negatives of being permanently
attached to a medical device, maybe having bad sites, skin infections, bad
customer service, and ad nauseum. But I am still almost ecstatic at the
thought of getting the pump with the hope of control it may give me.
    I suppose it is the human nature kicking into high gear. Maybe even the
pioneer sprit? I am making the best of a bad situation. I am responding to a
stress (The disease) with the best solution I have available to me (The pump).
I already have pictured myself pushing the buttons on the Paradigm giving me a
bolus for my Italian Oven dinner when out with my wife some night in the
    I have pictured my A1c's dropping below 8.1 and maybe having energy to do
that thing called ex. . . exer. . . exercise again! I miss my mountain bike
rides. Maybe I will even get up in the morning one day and feel actually
    Even if I don't get any spectacular benefits from pump therapy if I can
just have some more time with my wife and mutts, and die of something other
than diabetes or its complications then that will be enough.

Cody S. Alderson
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