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[IP] When is diagnosis easier?


Beautifully written, I couldn't have said it any better!  These posts are
very painful for me to read.  As parents of diabetic children, not a day
goes by that we don't think of how much our children have to deal with,
and what lies ahead in their future.  And yes, sometimes we even take a
moment to feel sorry for ourselves because no matter how we try we cannot
make things better for our D children....where in the heck is that
cure.....okay, I am getting a kleenex....

Cheri, Mom to Amelia age 9, D 1-2000 P 12-2000

Here is the simple fact and finally my point. When you get any illness
changes your lifestyle in any degree it is a loss at anytime of life and
it is
hard for anybody. A loss is a loss and everyone has grief, anger etc.
acceptance, which is a nonstatic state in itself. No matter what your
your illness or your prognosis. Everyone hurts the same because they have
something precious. Everyone feels the same about the changes forced into
their life because no one is happy to give up their health, lifestyle or
Everyone is in the same boat.
Now I am going to join Beverly, Mary's mom at the tissue box and have a
cry before Sara  gets home from lifeguarding. This may have been an
interesting thread but it was painful for parents to see some of the
Pam, mom to Sara, 16 Diagnosed 12/27/93 (my teen who is out there kicking
Diabetes butt across the floor every day even though she misses EVER!


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