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[IP] Diabetes

 I've been reading all the messages from people who hate their diabetes.
I have to say that I hate mine also, but I feel that with all the other
things out there that I could have been unlucky enough to have, I'll
stick with what I have now!!! I come from a family with five kids. I'm
the second oldest. In the space of 7 years back when I was a teenager,
we found out that I was diabetic, my older sister had rheumetoid
arthritis, the brother after me had chronic bronchitis, the next brother
also had rheumetoid arthritis and the youngest was epileptic (sp?).
Believe me, when I see some of the problems they have I realize that as
long as I take care of myself, I can live a long, relatively healthy
life. I have been diabetic now for 32 years and I have had no real
complications. Knock on wood! I don't waste my time crying about how
unlucky I am or how my life would be soo much better if I didn't have
this disease. I make the best of every day and thank God that I am alive
and healthy and can enjoy my life and family. 

Karen in North Pole, AK
Dx'ed 1971
Pumping since 1996
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