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[IP] Re: DKA

>>>>. My 
question is 
this: Is it normal to go into DKA with BGs going no higher than 264? I 
have before, everytime I have its been a whole lot higher.

dxd age 7 1988 pump 6/92-6/00 (MM506/507) 8/12/02 Paradigm<<<<<<

adriana-- YES!!! over the past several months as i got under better and better control with the
pump, i would go into DKA with sugars of 200 and 220 and it drove me NUTS. my doc said that as i
got used to being normal (70-140) my body would react more severely to less high sugars. he also
said that the awful feelings might resolve after a while. it has been almost three months since i
started throwing up for everything over 180 and it is finally going away. i guess there is a
longer period of adjustment than i thought; but then again if you think about it, when you're in
poor control your body feels like it's under siege-- and i was that was for nine years. for now,
you just have to stay on top of those highs and hopefully you'll start feeling better eventually.

lol-- i know *exactly* what you mean about class! there are days when i would rather go and feel
like i was going to die than miss a crucial lecture the week before an exam! (the nonstudents on
this list must think we are crazy.) carrying an insulin pen is a great idea though; i dont have
any so i just carry a syringe to suck insulin out of my cartridge if i need to.

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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