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Re: [IP] DKA

     I can't answer your question about the DKA, but wanted to thank you for 
sharing your story, which I forwarded to Melissa at college.
     Also, just wondering if you've done anything with the Office of Student 
Disability?? Last year, Melissa woke up VERY low, & couldn't get herself 
together in time for class. She had a bio lab due, which she turned in later. 
The prof said "no excuses" & took off 50% off the grade, which did affect her 
semester grade. She could have fought it perhaps, but it was near finals & 
she was overly-overwhelmed as is.
     This yes, she checked out the OSD & learned that she had to first speak 
to each prof directly & then she could "file papers" at the office 
documenting her medical condition. Hopefully it won't be an issue, but IF it 
ever is, at least she'll have some recourse. If you were facing an exam or an 
oral presentation yesterday, would your profs have been understanding????
    I know how Melissa hated it if I ever "played the diabetes card" (i.e. 
getting seated more quickly in a restaurant in the days of MDI), but given 
the recent studies proving cognitive impairment with extreme blood sugars, it 
behooves any student to have "safeguards". It's not "getting special 
privileges"; rather it's an acknowledgement of just how hard you & she and 
anyone else who's monitoring their diabetes is working to optimize their 
health. There's a world of IGNORANCE about diabetes out there, as evidenced 
by the parents I speak to now almost daily in my advocacy role. Teachers, 
nurses, etc. are "conditioned" by decades of "invisible diabetics" who never 
"asked for these SPECIAL accomodations" (duh - as if any child would WANT to 
poke his finger in class for FUN!!!).....
   Anyway, sorry for the soapbox rant...but thanks again for sharing....it 
not only helps YOU to learn some explanation from others, but it also helps 
us parent advocates to be apprised...
Renee (Melissa's pump mom/advocate)
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