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Re: [IP] Re: Contradictions, or...is it really that bad?

If any would like I can give them my schedule and diet plan

Having received a few private e-mail request, will post to group.
1. Arise at 4:45 AM 7 days per week. Check BG, take Insulin
    Read morning paper, eat 60 grams of carb's for breakfast, 
    8 warm-up exercises 20 each. I watched the weather news
    leave on my bicycle 15 minutes before sunrise, 3 or 4 times
    per week, ride about 2 hrs 10-15 minutes 27 to 35 miles. The
    days I ride at 1/2 way point eat 5 fig Newtons, 55 grams, at 
    end of ride 1 serving of fruit, check BG before lunch at 11:00
    usually 80 to 100, the mornings I do not ride, the exercise
    carry over from day before no fruit or fig Newtons BG same.

2. Lunch, 60 grams, necessary chores around home, cut grass
    work garden size 50 X 150, house maintenance stay busy most
    of afternoon 1 fruit exchange mid afternoon, Check BG before
    dinner usually 70 to 90, eat at 4:00 walk the dog to boat ramp
    1.25 miles. Dinner 60 grams carb's.

3. 7:00 PM check BG usually 70 to 90 eat 20 grams.
    9:00 PM check BG usually 80 to 100 eat 1 apple 1/2 cup of milk
    to bed around 10:00 PM

4. The above is an average day as far as eating & exercise, I can
    go the above route BG is good if I skip a day or so my BG goes
    up above 300. This may seem a trying schedule, but full day of
    activity not time to be bored, just busy enjoying life, 

5. Before retirement the day was programed similar, one may think
    to regimented, but after 53 yrs of IDDM I am still strong & healthy
    being 73 yrs old I look back and realize it has been worth the effort
    to discipline my life because of diabetes, I have been able to use
    the time well, never wasted minutes, which I believe contributed
    to the successful insurance agency I owned for 39 yrs and my
    son had had now for 8 yrs, I have no remorse, regrets, or hatred
    for diabetes, I believe it to have been a blessing for me.
    Elzie Speir 
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