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Re: [IP] Disetronic .5 bolus increments

At 10:05 PM 9/25/02, you wrote:

>Yeah, but think of all that exercise you'll be getting!      ;>)

But, it's only my fingers that would get the exercise!  ;o)  It still seems 
too much hassle to me to have to constantly push those buttons.  If you had 
the pump reprogrammed to .1 in your following example, you'd have to press 
that button 46 times to cover the 46 grams of carb.  If it were .2 you'd 
have to press it 23 times.  Whew!

>And I saved money and got to reprogram both pumps at the same time using 
>the D-
>Modem.  BUT they no longer use the D-Modem for pump programming (at least 
>my new
>rep told me that).   As far as the getting a 0.5 bolus when you only 
>needed 0.2 or 0.3, I
>would just calculate my carbs, say it was 46, then bolus 4.5 units to take 
>care of 45 grams
>and just eat one less bite.  One carb saved is one 0.1 less unit of 
>insulin!  YMMV    :>)

Yes, it's too bad that the reps can't reprogram the pumps anymore.  I try 
to round down for boluses and not worry about the extra bite or two.

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