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[IP] Re: Disability?

On 9/25/02 7:53 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

> I used to be asked, "Don't you hate having to give yourself shots all
> the time?"  My answer was always, "No...do you hate having to eat every
> day to stay alive?"  Personally, I just don't see diabetes as all that
> bad.  What about you?

*I* think what 'bugs' me most is not the day to day diabetes tasks, but what
may happen to my future.

I actually waited until my Ophthalmologists' appointment was over and he
said "No changes, Looks Good!" before getting into a course at OCC. The
course is Graphic arts on computers, and I didn't want to sign up and get
the software and all if my eyes were in fact showing changes. I would've
still gone to OCC, but the course selections would've been different.

Every time I feel a slight headache, or a backache, or have a foot cramp
(Usually from crappy shoes) I actually think "Is this it? Are they starting

Heck yeah we can have it both ways, I for one am not claiming diabetes as a
disability in and of itself, but what it could or might do TO me IS
disabling. Maybe if the insurers and others could take the long view, they
may get the picture of this crummy condition.

IBook, iPod, iPump, BG meter, Cables, PDA,....Yeah, I'm ready to go

Jenny Sutherland

I hate having the equivalent of a time bomb inside me and never knowing when
the other shoe will drop.
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