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[IP] Diabetes

Personally I would rather have Diabetes than Cancer etc, I don't like having 
it but I can live with it.  I am glad (now) to have gotten it at age 4 
because this is my life, its what i know, I can't really remember much from 
diagnosis I know it was hard on all, but I can see it being VERY difficult 
getting it as a teen and having your whole life changed aroung at an already 
tough time in life.

I'd rather not have Diabetes but it's mine to keep, so I try to think of the 
good about it, like being involved with my local kids D-camps just seeing 
their eyes light up when I take my shot the amazment that "Summer takes 
needles too!" or "summer does blood test too!!" They get so excited to see a 
"big" person having diabetes like them and just spending time with each 
other.  I'd rather these kids don't have it but we all do so we make the 
best of it.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)

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