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Re: [IP] Friends' son's diabetic

Sounds like pumping won't happen for him until/unless
he changes health care teams.  Maybe a baby step
would be possible, though.  Before pumping, I was
on MDI with Humalog/Lantus--I found Lantus a huge
improvement over NPH (I hate NPH!).

I had almost as much flexibility with this
combination as I do now when pumping.  I could eat
meals when I wanted (and skip them when I wanted).
Exercising was a little trickier because you can't
really lower your basal, but it was still manageable.
It's also harder to simulate a square/extended bolus
for fat/protein meals (although my CDE said she
*could* teach me how to use Regular to approximate
a square bolus)

I think it's possible improve control/flexibility
over Humalog/NPH, even if somebody's not ready to
start pumping.


> I have told them about the pump but they have high
> deductible insurance plus they go to Rainbows in
> Cleveland and there CDE said he was on it and he
> gained weight and is back on shots. Also the why fix
> what ain't broken attitude. The parents hate it also
> but seem to have all there faith in the doctor. I
> guess this can be good or bad.

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