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Re: [IP] Weird symptoms Help

You're not talking about ME are you?  Seriously, if a child came to the ER 
and your husband was the treating physician for a child exhibiting classic 
symptoms of diabetes, i.e., excessive thirst and constant urination, with a 
mother 32 years Type I herself, AND with the mother suggesting to doc to test 
for diabetes,  your husband wouldn't hestiate to check for diabetes, would 
he?  That's exactly what happened in our situation.  I'm not blaming - I'm 
more curious than anything as to why twice in my lifetime, my daughter & 
g-daughter, and similar stories I've heard on both this website and another 
one I'm on, why, oh why, when the symptoms for Type I are ALWAYS these two 
classic symptoms, do the doctors hesitate to test for diabetes, a simple test 
that takes all of what, a minute?    

Tammy, Mom to Joely (dx'd 1970); g-ma to Emma, homeschooled,  (dx'd 9-15-01)  
Animas pumpers  7-18-02, g-ma to Nick non-d & homeschooled,  mom to Troy 
(non-d)) 16 yo . 

In a message dated 9/25/02 5:19:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> But, be cautious. My husband is one of those lousy, stupid ER doctors 
> everyone
> talks about on the site....although he seems to help a whole lot of people.
> Pam, mom to Sara
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