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[IP] Re: Celiac Disease

My hospitalization in Banff, Alberta, Canada ( very low blood pressure 
38/31) gave me the gift of a Celiac dietician.

Shorting a long story....She looked at my current diet; noted the lack 
of gluten and perfect blood sugars (disconnected from the pump) and 
suggested a lot of my food sensitivities could be related to Celiac 

Perfect blood sugars, off the pump, equaled Dr. Bernstein's diet.  Low 
CHOs/ high protein.  I had not been eating anything with gluten when I 
had been having perfect blood sugars....all day/night.

She told me that current medical research indicated that 10% of Type 1 
diabetics had Celiac Disease.  This sure seems to fit my profile - 
anemia, leaky gut syndrome, erratic blood sugars ( no consistent pattern 
while bolusing  for CHOSs) and a number of other health problems.

I'm experimenting with all this now.  Trying to figure out the pattern.  
This may help 10% of us....

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