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[IP] Contradictions, or Is It Really That Bad

I have followed this thread and would like to add my 2 cents worth.  We can
always find worse things than what we have.  Diabetes is not the worst disease
or disorder on the planet.  I recently found out my 57 year old friend had
Alzeimer's...early onset.  That being said, Diabetes is a complicated and
often life threatening disease.  I think of people like Rodney Mead, and
say...yeah  he let us know how awful it can be.(Rodney, my heartfelt thoughts
are with you).  I have, in the 38 years of having this disease, fought for my
limbs and my life.  Fortunately, medical science has treatments for vascular
disease and blocked  heart arteries.  Diabetes is an insidious disease and it
has snuck up on me as I have gotten older.  Please consider what you say when
making sweeping generalizations about this disease.  It effects each of us on
an individual basis and as far as children....the personality develops in the
1st several years of life...of course with some inherent traits.  A young
child diagnosed with Diabetes will be dealing with it's psychological impact
as well as it's physical impact.  The parental environment and family dynamics
will be altered if a child has Diabetes.  Just ask some of the parents of
these precious children.  I guess I just want to end this by saying...be
thankful if you are doing well with Diabetes, be sensitive and compassionate
toward those who are suffering tremendously with Diabetes.  Everyone copes
differently...generalizations are not helpful to individuals.
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