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Re: [IP] Disetronic .5 bolus increments


Funny--I'd never be comfortable taking boluses in
.5 increments.  (And just three months ago, I thought
it was cool to be able to approximate 3.5 units with
a 1/3cc syringe.)  But my correction ratio is 1:84,
so .1 increments are a huge plus for me.

I haven't found this feature particularly useful,
but the Paradigm has a "quick-bolus" mode that lets
you bolus without looking at the screen, and you
can set the increment to whatever you want. You can
also "quick-bolus" with the remote.

Interestingly, on the Paradigm, it's typically *fewer*
key presses for the .1 increment boluses, since you
press and hold to dial-up your bolus.  As you
mentioned though, you have to look at the screen to
do this.

The extra keypresses and the extra time it takes
to wait for the feedback (beeps or vibrations) are
also why I don't like using the "quick-bolus".


Yeah, and I can wear the buttons out pushing them so
much, 10 times for
each unit of insulin?  I have hard enough time hearing
them when I'm out in
restaurants, let alone trying to count all those beeps
to make sure I took
the right amount.  I would never be comfortable not
looking at the pump to
bolus and part of the reason I chose the Disetronic
H-Tron Plus was to be
able to wear it inside my clothing at times and be
able to feel the buttons
to bolus.  I would think that I'd be even more
inaccurate trying to push
the buttons that many times to bolus for each meal. 
And, then I can pay
$15-$20 per pump for shipping to have it changed? 
I've known about the
ability to have them changed since I've gotten my
pumps more than 2 years
ago but have chosen not to. YMMV.


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