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[IP] weird symptoms HELP

I'm not asking anybody to play doctor - but not an endo., not an allergist,
not a general
practitioner thinks these symptoms are of any concern.  They've all said it is
probably just
puberty stress, and not liking school.  My 13yo is weak, dizzy, nauseated,
blurred vision -
sometimes everything looks green, achy joints (ribs, ears too), back ache,
sore throat.
 Last night she asked me
how long it has to last before we figure it out - and even asked me if she
could die from it.
It has been going on since July when she had a tonsillectomy, followed by
and lots of antibiotics.  Her bgs often run high, but we test and correct a
lot.  Last week her
a1c was 7.2, her usual.  Rarely has ketones.  Labs come back normal.

Her allergist tested her for environmental and foods.  Just allergic to dust -
takes allegra daily,
her only medication besides novolog.

Any ideas I could follow-up on?  Holly
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