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Re: [IP] Disetronic .5 bolus increments

At 10:53 AM 9/25/02, you wrote:
>This is not a downside. Do you know that Disetronic can change the bolus
>increment? I believe it can be set to .5, .2, or .1 increments. I had this
>done to my pumps shortly after I received them. I just sent them in one at a
>time. I believe you are, as I am, pretty sensitive to insulin. Increments of
>.1 should give you even better control.

Yeah, and I can wear the buttons out pushing them so much, 10 times for 
each unit of insulin?  I have hard enough time hearing them when I'm out in 
restaurants, let alone trying to count all those beeps to make sure I took 
the right amount.  I would never be comfortable not looking at the pump to 
bolus and part of the reason I chose the Disetronic H-Tron Plus was to be 
able to wear it inside my clothing at times and be able to feel the buttons 
to bolus.  I would think that I'd be even more inaccurate trying to push 
the buttons that many times to bolus for each meal.  And, then I can pay 
$15-$20 per pump for shipping to have it changed?  I've known about the 
ability to have them changed since I've gotten my pumps more than 2 years 
ago but have chosen not to. YMMV.

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