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Re: [IP] Re: Contradictions... or is it really that bad

I didn't think I was going to respond to this thread and I'm not really sure 
what it is I want to say.  My son Joshua was dxd at age 5.5 and started 
pumping at age 8.  He will be 11 in Dec.  Is diabetes really that bad?  
Probably not.  There are worse things that our children or we can be 
diagnosed with.  That was the thought that kept me going 5+ years ago while 
my young son lay in his hospital bed hooked up to IVs.  It could be worse!!!

The daily living with this disease or disorder or whatever you choose to call 
it has gotten easier as we learn and grow, and especially with the pump 
(Gotta LOVE the pump!!!)  But would I trade it (diabetes) in for a 'normalcy' 
in my son's life again where he doesn't have to count carbs and where he 
doesn't have to worry about things like taking insulin and being aware of his 
daily activities !!!!!!????  Another reality is everytime Josh goes to a 
store (Rite Aid) with me he notices the prices of the things he uses (strips, 
insulin) and he knows we are lucky because his dad has GREAT insurance. What 
about his future and will he be able to get insurance when he is older?

Would I trade in my son having this disease for NOT having it so when he gets 
a simple sore throat which turns to a head cold does not jeopardize is very 
well being?  What I would give for my son to not have to miss school because 
of the start of a cold has sent his BGs through the roof with keytones.  It's 
just a cold right?  Well it isn't just a cold to my son.  My sister raised 
two children and when they had colds they JUST had colds.....no big deal.  
She never had to worry about chekcing for keytones, getting extra insulin to 
combat stubborn BGs!

How many sleepless nights have moms with 'normal' kids had?  When you have a 
young child whose BGs are acting irratic because he is in a growth spurt and 
one minute is having great BGs and the next will roller coaster from highs to 
lows.  No particular fault...just hormones!!!!!  But I feel I MUST check in 
the middle of the night, just in case!

Now, like others have said, many friends have been met because of this 
disease.  And my career path has been chosen because of this disease.  This 
is all true.  But would I trade it in for NOT having to deal with it?   You 
Bet!!!  In a single heartbeat!

Sorry, I guess I needed to say that.  But, as you know and I definately 
       It could be worse!!!

mom to Joshua
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