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Re: [IP] Re: Contradictions, or is it really that bad?

I was diagnosed at age 20 in college, I am "Glad" that I was diagnosed 
at this age rather than as a young child, I was able to adapt rather 
quickly to my new life, just two weeks after being diagnosed I was 
participating in a college water polo tournament, after that I knew D 
wasn't going to hold me back from anything. I've always taken everything 
in stride, but might not have been so understanding if I was younger.  
Only myself was truly effected, mom and dad obviously were sad, but I 
know it would have affected their lives a lot more if I was diagnosed at 
a younger age.  My heart goes out to all the parents who have struggled 
along with their children to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle, you 
all deserve a pat on the back. So for me it seems easier to deal with at 
an older age, not only for the individual dealing with DM but the 
families as well.


Beverly Ford wrote:

>I have misplaced the original post, but after some thought I felt I must
>respond (I am mostly a "lurker" here).
>My son was diagnosed at age 3, six months later he was diagnosed with Celiac
>Sprue. For those who don't know what that is, no gluten, i.e. no wheat,
>oats, rye or barley.
>He is now a very strapping 13 year old and has been pumping for 21 months.
>My point you ask?  He doesn't remember life without D and CS.  He does get
>frustrated at times when he wants to go out after church with the youth
>group and we have no "safe" food on hand.  He hates it when teachers pass
>out candy bars or pizza for good behavior.  ( A practice I abhor-must they
>be rewarded because they behave?????)   He doesn't like having to get up
>early at a sleep-over to check his blood sugar, and the locker room is
>tortuous when someone sees his infusion site.  But for the most part he has
>accepted this disease much better
>than I know I would have.    Every single day I wish I was the one who had
>this disease and not him.  I worry about not only the typical things parents
>worry about, but what will his quality of life be when he is 20, 30,
>40........   What happens when we get full swing into the teenage years??
>Will this disease cause him to not be able to have a family?  How will he
>deal with this when he goes away to college (yiks!!!)
>I'm sorry about the pity party, but as all of you parents know, it can be
>overwhelming at times.
>So...is it really that bad???? yes, I believe it is.  But as a family we are
>doing the best we can.
>And we constantly pray for a cure!
>Mom to Brandon , dx'd 3/93, pumping 1/01 with A1C's between 6.3 and 7.2
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