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[IP] Re: Cobra/pre-existing condition coverage

I would never let my coverage lapse, even for 30 days. You can purchase Cobra 
coverage for one month. That's what I would do.
I once had a job that had a six-month waiting period as part of a 
pre-existing condition clause, so I would have had to pay for Cobra and the 
new plan for those six months. I found a new job.
dxed T1 9/92, pumping since 1/02

In a message dated 9/25/02 11:54:16 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< I am changing jobs in a month, and my new company will have a 30 day 
waiting period before new coverage will begin, so I need to know if I should 
get Cobra coverage, or not.  I seem to remember you can have a small lapse in 
coverage and still not have to deal with the pre-existing coverage. If anyone 
has any experience with this, please let me know. I will have 31 days without 
coverage, if i let my current coverage lapse.

Roger >>
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