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Re: [IP] Re: Contradictions, or...is it really that bad?

I had to respond after reading all of this.  Diabetes is hard on 
everyone involved.  My father was also not that involved other than 
taking me to my doctor's appointments which were 66 miles away.  My 
mother tried but had been dealing with my fathers Type II diabetes and I 
don't think she really knew a lot about it.  She did, although, feel 
very guilty.  I think that is the hard part for the parents, because you 
feel like you are not able to protect your child from this horrible 
monster that is Diabetes.  I, as well as others I am sure, feel even 
more guilty because I blame myself for passing this disease to my then 8 
year old son.  I do agree that some children just accept it and go with 
the flow, but some do not.  My son was very angry and sometimes still 
is.  Sometimes I am angry too.  My life from the age of eleven has been 
consumed with this disease.  My son will have the same for ever how long 
he may have to live with it.  It is definitely a personality thing.  I 
am stronger for it, but have been treated differently for it too.  I 
have basically just accepted it as my life, but I have days that I wish 
I had a much different life.  As far as contradictions, this disease is 
a contradiction to itself.  It does not treat us all equally or even the 
same from day to day, so how could we all possibly react the same to it. 
 Just my 2"  :-)


Ryan Bruner wrote:

>So far, from the responses I've seen, it seems that getting Diabetes as 
>a child is much better.  :-)  The responses from those WITH diabetes, 
>and diagnosed early, seem to not see much of a big deal...whereas those 
>who were older when diagnosed have the bigger problem adjusting and 
>accepting it.
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