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[IP] RE: Jan, Disetronic .5 etc.

Hi Jan:  Actually, I am at my two yr. anniversary on Oct 9.  But thyroid
disease got in the way last summer (first hyper then hypo, and my BG's were a
mess.)  As it is, even my educator (who is a pumper too) says I cannot handle
an A1c of 6 right now, and need to be in the 7's.

A little scary--last week I started messing with bolus, trying 1:12, and was
at the mall.  I didn't feel funny at all, but when I got home my BG was 54.
Not good.

Anyway, we thought I had tested the basals well enough, so we went to this
1:12 and I have just had troubles this past week.  Last night I ate an entire
Subway and took the corresponding bolus and ended up low all night long!  My
Educator doesn't think small increments make much difference, but I wonder if
they do for some of us???????????
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