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[IP] Re: Contradictions, or...is it really that bad?

So far, from the responses I've seen, it seems that getting Diabetes as 
a child is much better.  :-)  The responses from those WITH diabetes, 
and diagnosed early, seem to not see much of a big deal...whereas those 
who were older when diagnosed have the bigger problem adjusting and 
accepting it.

>I was diagnosed at
>age 25, so I had a full quarter century of "the good life" that I can
>remember very well.  I want it back.  I want to eat a whole pizza at 
>in the morning...or chicken wings...or nachos; basically I want fat, 
>lots of it. --Robert Page

I think that is one area that I'm THANKFUL for diabetes.  Prior to my 
diagnosis, I really ate very poorly.  (Of course, it didn't help that 
everything tasted bad prior to diagnosis...but within weeks of getting 
things under control, I started liking all kinds of foods I couldn't 
stand before!)

Today, I eat very healthy, in a moderation sense.  I'm not OVERLY 
healthy...in the sense that I enjoy eating healthy foods as well as 
unhealthy foods.  I learned to "listen to my body" in terms of eating.  
As a result, I have not fluctuated more than 2-3 pounds in my weight 
for over 13 years.  I think had I not been diagnosed, I would not be so 
healthy.  In fact, I think my chances of heart attack, etc., are much 
lower BECAUSE of my diabetes...because I've learned to eat better than 
I would have if I didn't have diabetes.

In some ways, carb-counting...though a blessing...is actually not 
necessarily a good thing.  My own focus has switched to carbs, and not 
as much on the balance of an exchanged-based diet.  Fortunately, that 
was ingrained in me...but what about those just diagnosed now?  They 
will not learn as well the aspects of the balanced diet, and basically 
continue eating in an unhealthy fashion.

Eating a whole pizza at 1:30 in the morning was NEVER healthy, diabetes 
or not.  :-)  The diabetes has probably IMPROVED your life in that 
regard.  What is good for us isn't always what we like.  If I may make 
a parallel to scripture...those who live in darkness find light to be 
painful.  In regards to food, those who have gotten used to unhealthy 
eating HATE having to eat in a healthy way.  But, it doesn't change the 
fact that it is better for you.  :-)

This is intriguing to see how each reacts.  For example, as a young 
child, diabetes was never something that others made fun of me for.  If 
they tried, it was no fun for them, because I just never allowed it to 
be something I could be made fun of for.  I've always been very open 
about my diabetes, even early on.  In fact, I almost "bragged" about my 
diabetes at times, growing up...perhaps as a defense mechanism...but 
mostly because I found it an opportunity to educate people.  My Medic 
Alert bracelet gave me away, anyhow.  Even in the workplace, most 
people don't know I'm a diabetic unless they see me checking my blood 
sugar, or notice my pump (or, previously, see me giving my shot).  When 
they do find out, it is never a big issue.  I'm no different in their 
eyes because I have diabetes.  

One thing I'm thankful for is that I have T1 diabetes.  I can't imagine 
having T2...now THAT would mean a complete lifestyle change.  But, 
today, I can do whatever I want and eat whatever I want.
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