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[IP] Re: contradictions

I have already posted on this but after reading Bverly's post I have to say 
I admire all of you, my mom included, who have young ones with diabetes.  The 
sacrifices you make will be rewarded someday--perhaps not in this world but 
the next.
My dad did not handle the diagnosis too well.  He became an alcoholic about 
the time I was diagnosed and I always blamed myself for his alcoholism.  I 
know I did not really cause it but as a young child that was how I saw it.  
Or the time I was in the hospital, age 13, for a month.  I just wanted to 
talk to him on the phone.  I remember him yelling into the phone at Mom, "I 
don't want to talk to #@^%&$ her."  How I hated him then.  Carried it around 
with me for years.  Now, he is sober, has been for years, goes to church and 
is a wonderful dad.  Wish he had been there when I was growing up.  
How fortunate your children are to have you all who are so involved.  Keep it 
up!  Your children will never forget what you have done or not done for them.

dx 3/63 at age 8
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