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[IP] Re: Contraditions... or is it really that bad

Ryan--I have been a diabetic for nearly 40 years.  When I am  confronted by 
people about taking shots and blood testing I just tell them I have to do it 
to stay alive, sort of like your answer!  I do hate it being called a disease 
or a disability--I like the term disorder.  I have never considered myself 
diseased!  Or disabled--could be some day though, huh?
Anyway, I just live with it and sometimes not very well but I'm alive and 
kickin'--almost 8 years past what some silly doctors told me I would be 
Anxiety, depression?  Nah, not really.  Sometimes reality sinks in and I 
think, 'Whoa, gotta get better control so I can see my kids get married and 
have grandchildren!! '
Had a friend tell my husband this morning that I couldn't have the cup of 
coffee with whip cream and caramel sauce in it as there was too much sugar in 
it.  Told her, yes I could with the pump but I don't like my coffee sweet!  
Misconceptions?  Yes, even from myself sometimes!  Old habits are hard to 
break and perhaps even though I'm pumping, it is for the best when it comes 
to eating!

Debbie and Magnum I.P.
dx 3/63 at age 8
pumping 3/2000
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