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[IP] RE: Disetronic .5 Bolus Increments

From: "Laura Shapiro" <email @ redacted>
>>>My Educator wants me to get more aggressive with my insulin bolus, due to
many highs.  But every single time I do that, I end up with lows.  I cannot
function at 90 or even 100. >>>


How long have you been pumping? I'm guessing you're a newby. The comparison
of starting pumping and tolerating *normal* BGs is like a person who loves
living in Alaska (high), then being transferred to Florida (normal). They
hate it. But, ask them in a couple of years how they like Florida and they
love it. Your body hasn't yet adjusted to being *normal* and you are very
uncomfortable. It usually is best to come down gradually so your are able to
tolerate the adjustment. Perhaps your CDE is too anxious or in a hurry.
That's one of the problems of those who don't *use* the disease. (~_^)

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