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Re: [IP] Contradictions, or...is it really that bad?

I have been type 1 53 yrs, first 6 yrs was bad, up's & down's very 
DR put me in hospital, to find the problem, only answer not, on my diet and 
not exercising, I had a desk job, upon release from hospital looked at myself
very firm, begin to eat right, daily exercise, begin to improve, I wanted to 
to be 40 I am now 73 yrs old.

Diabetes has not been all bad, I contribute the discipline learned was due to 
situation, living on a diet, working daily, exercising, all had to be 
according to 
the clock, we all have the same # of minutes in a day, I also contribute the
economical success due to the time discipline, & 8 yrs enjoying retirement
every day due to the time discipline, to date every day an adventure.

I begin riding a bicycle shortly after the hospital stay, still riding 350 to 
miles per month except in the winter than a stationary bike still strict diet
am in good health, no complications, plenty of stamina, good balance, can
stop at S/S not unclip from pedals, every day a good day thanks to diabetes
after going to our school reunion I believe diabetes has made me a better
person, due to the discipline. I received a pump 9/23/02 tomorrow am to 
be briefed as to the operation, she said will be working tomorrow.

Every DR I have been to in the last 20 years say my condition is due to the
discipline & riding the bicycle, I go to bed at night dreaming where I will 
ride tomorrow, get up excited to go, life is wonderful in spite of diabetes. 
If one would like I can give them my schedule & diet plan.

I camp about 50 days per year, no restrictions as to what I want to do just
put it in the plan. 
Elzie Speir
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