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[IP] Re: Tracking Diabetes Data

I've been trying to make sense of all the information about tracking devices, 
logs and diaries for organizing meter results, pump data, A1C's, insulin and 
glucose intake etc. Maybe someone can help advise which system is right for 
me. I want to enter data into my desktop PC (I would prefer not to use a palm 
device yet) and be able to generate a report for my doctor which simply shows 
the correlation between what I eat, the amount of basal and bolus insulin 
that I pump and the exercise that I do on a daily basis. I have been IDDM for 
30 years and have rarely kept records because it is so tedious. Fortunately, 
I have suffered no complications from my negligence. With all the technology 
available, I no longer can use that excuse and my doctor really would like to 
have something to base her decisions on other than my saying everything's 
going well! Thanks for your help.

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