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[IP] energy metabolism

Peep (Meg) wrote:
> The liver does the opposite of the pancreas.  It
> releases glycogen (stored
> sugar) to keep you from going too low.  Even though
> our pancreas' don't work,
> our livers don't know that & if too little insulin
> is in the bloodstream, it
> will release that stored sugar to keep our blood
> sugar from crashing.  During
> exercise this is not a problem, because our physical
> activity mainatains an
> equilibrium in blood sugar.  After strenuous
> exercise, say a person's basal
> was temporarily set to 20% of normal for 2 hours.
> After ending the exercise,
> if you don't restore the body's supply of insulin,
> the liver will increase its
> glycogen output because it thinks your blood sugar
> is low.  It thinks it is
> ........
I'm confused. The liver sees no insulin so it releases
glycogen. it wants to raise the BS so the body will
make insulin.?
  Ok the problems I had Sunday after a 5 mile race, BS
pre-race 219, bolused .5 (always go high during
races), post race 239, bolused 2 to try and get BS
down. continued to bolus throughout day. never did get
it below 200 until later that night.  I'm always
afraid to bolus to much because sooner or later the
exercise effect kicks in. So I really need more
insulin to turn off the liver, right?meg
--------------------------------------------------------------- glycogen is
actually starch, a storage form of glucose. When tghe body needs more
glucose it causes alpha cells in the pancreas to secrete glucagon which
calls for more glucose. at the same time, the body sees that there is not
enough glucose around to be metabolized so it asks the liver to dump
morewhich it does by hydrolyzing the glycogen to glucose. it thinks that you
are starving and calls for your liver to give up glucose to remedy the
situation. Since the body cannot metabolize glucose because the insulin is
lacking, it cannot generate energy which is needed, the liver than starts to
metabolize fat which has no way of being done cleanly since an old adage fro
m the post Banting era: Fats burn cleanly only in the flame of
cartbohydrates. Ketones form, Acetone, beta hydroxbuteric acid and Aceto
acetic acid, Now, you are on the path of ketoacidosis. When these products
get into the blood, you get sick and start to throw up [ you may
paradoxically be hungry too at this point] Acetone makes you sleepy and
carbon dioxide builds up in the body which is sedating, you slip into deep
sleep or coma Now you have DKA  If you take insulin at this point the fats
burm cleanly because there is energy released from the glucose being
metabolized. And the ketones go away. The liver also stops dumping glucose
because it has the energy needed by the body. , spot
in iddm the alpha cells generally are spared from t-cell killing.
A. L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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