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Re: [IP] Contradictions, or...is it really that bad?

i'm going to preface this with this is just my humble opinion.... you can
psychoananylize all day long about how "accepting" one should be, but i
don't see the point in trying to force the issue. acceptance will either
come, or it won't.

the answer to your question can be seen very differently from a) people who have been
diabetic since being a child b) people who were diagnosed as adults
c) people who were diagnosed as adults a long time ago.
i was diagnosed at 26 - 2 years ago. so my gut reaction to your question
YES IT IS REALLY THAT BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since you have had this since
the age of 9, you didn't have your whole life planned out as one way,
but because of this diagnosis, those plans are out the window.(like
retiring on a remote island in costa rica where you have land- exactly
where are you supposed to get insulin? how do you keep sand out of a 
meter?)  you don't 
know what it's like to now have to consciouslyy THINK of every little
time you walk the dog, how long you make love,  eat, run, sleep, walk up
the steps, etc, because you're used to 26
years of not being that minutely aware of your body's processes. you may
have had this so long that you don't notice people's perceptions of the
disease. i work for the same company that i worked at before i got
diagnosed. there are still people who don't know i have it. when i
interact with them and it comes up, you can see them cross me off their
list of "normal" people. i can plainly see how it affects my job and
people around me- with someone who's "always" had it you don't know any
i'm sure in 10 years i will have run out of people who knew me before and
now only know me as diabetic so it won't be as obvious to me either. but
until then YES, that pain/rejection/loss of "normalacy" is that bad.

i'm sure people with complications don't think this is a piece of cake,
but i can't speak for them... 

 my mother, who had cancer 5 years
ago and went thru 3 years of chemo, 2 infections, and a heart attack
brought on by the stress of all that, told me she'd rather have cancer
diabetes because at least with cancer you have no control over it (hence
no guilt for eating, high blood sugars, no "you ate too much
sugar and brought this on yourself" stigma, etc) and, as she put it,
"either then can cure you or they can't". 

i am NOT SAYING that diabetes is the worst thing in the world to ever
happen- what i AM saying is that people's perceptions vary greatly
depending upon circumstances and that blanket statements like "OH! that's
a tragedy to be a diabitc" to "it's not big deal" do NOT apply to
everyone. i see them used too liberally, so i just had to vent.

just my 2 cents.
dx'd 8/00
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