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Re: [IP] Contradictions, or...is it really that bad?

Up until a few months ago, diabetes was this evil thing that prevented me 
from living  a "normal" life. Being a 7 year old  at a new school two months 
in to the school year made being different that much harder. When I was 
little I could never eat  the amount of food that I was "ordered" to by the 
nutrionist. Needless to say I gained A LOT of weight over the years because I 
could/can never tell when I am full. I hated being called a freak, a drug 

When I would get High BG s I would have to sneak up to the teacher and tell 
her that I had to go to the nurses office and would whisper that I was high 
so that none of the other kids could hear me and make fun of me. The first 
summer I had D my grandmother took 3 of the grandkids to Italy for a month on 
her own.  I hated how she would carry EVERY single piece of diabetes supplies 
in a HUGE bag everywhere I went. She would freak out if I left one piece of 
pasta on my plate because she didnt want me to get low. I then had to deal 
with my father (parents are divorced)  who REFUSED to take care of me because 
 it was my MOM'S JOB. 

So you ask if Diabetes is that bad. I respond by saying that diabetes itself 
is not that bad. What is bad is the "side effects". I had to grow up quickly 
as do all the other diabetic children. Now that I have two possibly three 
other autoimmune diseases I look at Diabetes as preparing me to deal with 
whatever comes my way.

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