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Re: [IP] Contradictions, or...is it really that bad?

It's interesting that you brought this up. I was just reading about how if 
you can change your perception of something, you can greatly increase the 
quality of your life. I wish I *could* see my own diabetes  as a little bit 
less of a  burden.

It seems to depend on where you are coming from. Everyone's experience of 
diabetes is so individual. The disease already *is* both ways. Sometimes 
it's devastating immediately and sometimes you can live with it for years 
and stay pretty much the same.

I don't think it is a disability, but if it's left unchecked, you can 
become disabled. I think because everyone is so different, different things 
disable different people.  Their opinions don't necessarily contradict. 
Instead they reflect people's various experiences with it. Actually, you'd 
find this with a large percentage of the population that does not have 
diabetes. Their opinions on life, and health in general will seem to 
contradict sometimes.

I got type 1 when I was 32 and so I *do* remember how great it was before I 
had to test my blood, measure my food, etc. and it was great. A friend of 
mine is on dialysis and it does seem pretty much like a burden. I think in 
some ways it's easier to adjust to the life style changes and routines when 
you are 9. When  you get older it's harder to change. 
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