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Re: [IP] Re: Mini Med Problems

In a message dated 9/25/02 9:02:37 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> If we all work together I believe our actions will bring positive 
> changes....but we have to take our problems and suggestions to the CEO 
> as well as each other and the MM service reps

   Well-said...My daughter has used MM pumps for 6 1/2 years. I too have been 
in contact with senior management & have found them to be very responsive. 
They are well aware of just how disgruntled many customers are at the present 
time (they read IP too!) & are working to resolve these legitimate concerns 
by hiring & training additional employees. It is a TOP concern. Many of the 
current frustrations are attributable to corporate changes since the merger 
with Medtronic, & also the plethora of "brand new" consumers upgrading to the 
Paradigm simultaneously.
    Animas, conversely, "released" their initial pumps slowly so that they 
COULD be accessible & responsive to their new customers. Their senior 
management is extremely astute & extremely attentive to their customers. That 
said, it doesn't imply that MM's corporate ethics are "let the buyer be 
damned" - rather, that they misjudged the avalanche of calls to customer 
service that would follow the launch of the Paradigm.
   Bottom line - whether you're dealing with Animas, MM, Ford or 
K-Mart.....if you're not part of the "solution", then you're still part of 
the "problem"....Working with my husband has taught me that you don't accept 
a "NO" from someone not empowered to give you a "YES"...if it means enough, 
it's worth pursuing it until you get some satisfaction...
Renee (Melissa's pump mom/advocate,  & also a breast cancer survivor who 
jumped through LOTS of insurance hoops to get back the THOUSANDS of dollars 
we had paid out-of-pocket for my meds!!)
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