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[IP] Contradictions, or...is it really that bad?

Since I've joined this list, I've been amazed at the differences people 
have toward seeing their diabetes.  In some cases, people are adamently 
against calling diabetes a "disability", or being treated differently 
in any way because of it...and then on the other hand, people are also 
fighting to make people aware of the seriousness of the disease, need 
for better insurance coverage, etc.

These contradictions from within the diabetic community certainly don't 
help anything.  :-)  You can't have it both ways, can you?

But, I have to wonder why people see their diabetes as really that 
bad.  Certainly, I don't deny the seriousness of the disease, and all 
of the potential complications...but, is it really that bad?  I've had 
diabetes for 20 years...diagnosed at age 9.  Through those years, I've 
been on about 8 different types of insulin, and varying methods of food 
control (from exchanged-based eating to carb counting).  I've had my 
share of highs and lows.  I've dealt with going from a single shot a 
day to 5-6 shots a day to pumping.  I've dealt with people's 
misunderstandings of the disease (including some doctor's!).  Yet, 
throughout all of this, I just see diabetes as part of who I am.  I 
really can't remember life before diabetes.  I see my carb counting and 
insulin pumping (and shots, prior to that) as simply how I stay alive.  
It is as necessary as breathing and eating.  

I used to be asked, "Don't you hate having to give yourself shots all 
the time?"  My answer was always, "No...do you hate having to eat every 
day to stay alive?"  Personally, I just don't see diabetes as all that 
bad.  What about you?
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