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[IP] Re: Mini Med Problems

When I had my Mini Med 508 problems on the long Labour Day weekend I was 
extremely frustrated with MM's reponse service.

After encountering problems with my second pump I called Mini Med's 
CEO,  Jeffery McCaulley.  ( At the beginning of September he had only 
been "on the job" one week. )
I was very surprised, and pleased, to be put through to his voice mail.  
I left a message asking him to have his secretary call with an e-
mail/postal address/fax number in order that I could write him the 
details of my current pump problems and my suggestions for avoiding 
similar problems in future.

Jeffery's  secretary responded very quickly.  She said that Jeffery 
would appreciate the suggestions and gave me his e-mail address (my 

I think we Mini Med pumpers have an opportunity to be heard by the new 
CEO.  I think we can focus on two or three things:
	- summarize what we like about Mini-Med;
	- detail problems we have experienced ( as specifically as we can);
	- make positive suggestions for change.

Jeffery's e-mail address is: <email @ redacted>  
Alternatively, you can call Mini Med and ask to speak directly to 

If we all work together I believe our actions will bring positive 
changes....but we have to take our problems and suggestions to the CEO 
as well as each other and the MM service reps.

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