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Re: [IP] MM remote

Hi Heidi!
I usually wear my sites in my lower abdoman too but for some strange reason I
wanted to try my upper hip.  I really don't like it here.. I'm changing back
to my abdoman this morning!
I too use the Quikset with Humalog.  The quickset is another reason I don't
like my site on my hip.. I can't see it to reconnect after my shower.. what a
pain that has been.  AND, I feel like I'm crushing it when sleeping.  I really
do like the abdoman the best...
As to your question about flying.. I don't know, I haven't flown in about 10
years.  I did see that some other people had replied to your question.. that
was nice.
I did my first dual wave bolus the other night.. it did ok.  I think that this
head/chest cold has my numbers riding high.  Have a safe trip...
-Lori  (38 years old .. dxd Feb`97 .. paradigm pump Sept`02)
>Hi Lori-
>Ya know I haven't really noticed a difference in BG when changing sites. I
really love the pump too. I also am facing a head/chest cold, I had really
crazy numbers two nights ago, couldn't sleep at all.
I almost always wear the pump on my lower ABS, switching sides each time. I
am using the Quikset infusion set with Humalog.
I have gained a couple pounds (3-5 lb.) and can't seem to lose them as easily
as I used to. I have had Type I, since I was 9 yrs old. 1981, long time now.
I am flying in a couple of days, first time since I have had the pump. Do you
have any idea what I may encounter with security, etc?!
It was nice hearing from you, thanks for your response.
>PS with the pizza, Chinese food stuff....the Dual wave Bolus works great, I
can program them pretty well now.
>Heidi Hauseur
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