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Re: [IP] re:stem- cells, ada , jdrf

Ryan, although I am not opposed to stem-cell research, I also support
research to discover how to PREVENT diabetes. In fact, even though I woudl
love to see my son cured, I woudl settly for knowing no one else would ever
have to develop diabetes, because we had found ways to prevent it.

I would think that you could look in the annual abstracts and find out which
research studies are being directed to prevention, then find out how they
are funded, and give to those organizations.

Prevention is very important, because even when/if there is a cure, not
everyone will eb able to afford it, and I would expect it wouldn't be
successful 100% of the time. Prevention, should it take the form of a
vaccine, would eventually be cheap and close to 100% effective.

So, that would be my suggestion. Go to Google, type in diabetes prevention
research, and get going. Maybe if you find out something, you can post it

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