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Re: [IP] Insulin Pool?

> Experiences like this terrify me, but you know, if I'd had
> some glucagon I don't think I'd have been able to use it - or know enough
> to
> use it.  Scary when you live alone.
Scary is right.    Since going on the pump we've had a number of nights
(mostly until we had the basils straight----but still a few unexplained ones
since)   where I'd be chasing a low for hours that my son had.

Do you have anyone next door that you are close too?   Or, perhaps just
someone nearby that you could call when you are low that could come over
or at least stay on the phone and convince you to treat?    What about
911 if nothing else.

Obviously,  my son doesn't live alone,  but it took a long time till I felt
comfortable leaving him alone at home for longer than 10 minutes for
fear he'd go low.    We've always told him that if he feels that strange
to call his aunt (9 houses away and he calls his cousins daily so knows
the number as well as his own)  or just dial 911.

And years ago,  we're talking '69-'76 my cousin's mom made her a very
large laminated sign of what to do when she was low.    Mostly just large
print words, like:      JUICE       COKE      LIFESAVERS     911      and of
course mom's telephone number.     My cousin kept it taped to the door of
the fridge where she tended to head when she was low to scrounge for
something totally useless to eat for a low.     Instead she'd find the sign
and it would make enough sense that she could usually treat herself.
Just wish she'd had the technology we have now for her DM so she wouldnt
have died from all her complications at age 25 (12/25/76).


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Fenton, MO
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