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[IP] Question about where a pump actually is received from

    Sometimes I find it difficult to get a straight answer from those I have
to rely on for my diabetes treatment. I got a call yesterday from a place
called Diabetic Supply Depot or something real close to that name. They
started asking me questions about who my PCP is and what pump I wanted. I was
hesitant to answer until they said that they would be providing me with my
pump if insurance approves it. I checked with my CDE's office and found out
that they get their pumps from this place.
    I thought that the pumps came directly from the company. I thought that if
I wanted a Paradigm that it would come from MiniMed. I thought that when my
CDE said she would be sending out my insurance information that it would be
going to MiniMed. I guess I thought wrong.
    Anyway, has anyone else received their pump from a supplier instead of the
company? How does all this junk work?
Cody S. Alderson
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