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Re: [IP] Could this be anxiety?

    I can only relate to dialysis in that my mother was on it until she got
a kidney transplant 20 years ago. Her kidney is fine but she has other
health problems now. Anyway, as far as the anxiety, I can relate to that.
Diabetes has caused odd changes in my personality. I tried different
anti-depressants and found that Celexa helped for awhile, but Paxil has
really helped with the anxiety. I feel that I was misdiagnosed with clinical
depression when all along it was anxiety.
    Now I'm not a person prone to nervousness. I always keep a cool head in
emergency situations. However, I was getting the panic feelings that were
overwhelming especially when my heart acted funny during a low BG event.
    It's strange in that I can remain calm during extreme emergencies but I
get panicky over small things. I can only attribute the oddness of these
behavioral changes to diabetes. I find the little panic events alien to me.
Like they came out of the sky and just landed on me. I think that my
neurotransmitter balance has been slowly changing over the years since I got
diabetes. I hate taking chemicals, but the Paxil worked out well for me.
    Me it happens with the small stuff, you on dialysis days. Ask your doc
if he/she thinks a drug will help.
    Of course, as they say here YMMV :)
Cody S. Alderson

>. . . Does anyone else have this feeling (regardless of where >you are) and
if so, what do you do about it?  It's not like >I can just get up and walk
away being hooked up to the >machine with 2 15 gauge needles in my arm.  I
was >thinking about asking my neph for some Xanax or >something to that
effect.  This does  not happen on non->dialysis days. . .
> Gina
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