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Re: [IP] How Pumping Helped Me {Exercising w/ a Pump}

> The liver does the opposite of the pancreas.  It
> releases glycogen (stored
> sugar) to keep you from going too low.  Even though
> our pancreas' don't work,
> our livers don't know that & if too little insulin
> is in the bloodstream, it
> will release that stored sugar to keep our blood
> sugar from crashing.  During
> exercise this is not a problem, because our physical
> activity mainatains an
> equilibrium in blood sugar.  After strenuous
> exercise, say a person's basal
> was temporarily set to 20% of normal for 2 hours.
> After ending the exercise,
> if you don't restore the body's supply of insulin,
> the liver will increase its
> glycogen output because it thinks your blood sugar
> is low.  It thinks it is
> ........
I'm confused. The liver sees no insulin so it releases
glycogen. it wants to raise the BS so the body will
make insulin.?
  Ok the problems I had Sunday after a 5 mile race, BS
pre-race 219, bolused .5 (always go high during
races), post race 239, bolused 2 to try and get BS
down. continued to bolus throughout day. never did get
it below 200 until later that night.  I'm always
afraid to bolus to much because sooner or later the
exercise effect kicks in. So I really need more
insulin to turn off the liver, right?meg


meg, the way I understand it.  Your body is either in insulin mode, glucagon
mode, oe equilibrium.  When the liver detects the lack of insulin in the
bloodstream, it assumes this is so because of low blood sugar, and thus
releases it's stores to help protect from hypoglycemia.  In a non-diabetic,
the liver and pancreas work together to maintain blood sugar....in us type
1's, unless we do the compensating, our blood sugars will rise because of a
lack of insulin and the release of glycogen.

If I am fouling up the technicals at all...I hope someone will speak up to
correct me.
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