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Re: [IP] Carbs per Insulin Unit Ratio

Hi Rex, welcome to IPers and congratulations on your first post and oh yeah, 
your new pump too. Ill try to answer your questions without confusing things 
more for everyone:

<<<I am curious about the Carb to insulin ratio.  My educator team
has instructed me to bolus 1 unit (NovoLog) per 10 grams of carbs 
consumed,and this seems to work.  But I count and log all carbs consumed and 
average about 200 grams per day.  My total (basel plus boluses) daily 
average insulin dose is about 35 units per day.  Now 200 carbs divided by 35 
units equals 5.7 carbs per unit.  Should I be using 1 unit per 5.7 grams of 
The insulin/carb ratio applies to your bolus only, not to your basal. your 
basal is background insulin and has little to do with how many carbs you 
eat. Thats what your bolus is for. Stay with 1/10 if it works.

<<<I am also vaguely aware of a so called 500 rule to use when using
NovoLog.  Dividing 500 by 35 units equals 14.3 carbs per unit?  Three
different numbers, I am so confused.>>>
The 500 rule is one way to estimate your starting carb/insulin ratio using 
your TDD (total daily dose)which is either an estimate based on weight or 
recent actual usage. I know TDD includes basal or long acting insulin, but 
its an easy-to-figure rule that can be applied to almost everyone, no matter 
how they were treated pre-pump. Its only a starting estimate, so its likely 
to be adjusted. You can find more detailed answers to your questions in John 
Walsh's book, "Pumping Insulin".

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