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[IP] being mental, not considered harmful!

I have been dxed with general anxiety disorder.  I don't have panic attacks,
among people symptoms vary (YMMV of course), but I often feel like a srpgin
coiled up really tight, cannot sit still... like that antsy feeling you got.
get that a lot.  I have a hard time making myself relax, always feel like I
have to be "doing" something.  Very anal retentive (for lack of a better
about things.  When I get to feeling like I have to get out of wherever I
church, work, car, in-laws house... if I cannot get up I just try to breathe
deeply and slowly until it goes away.  If possible I close my eyes for a
time and imagine myh favorite place or doing something I enjoy.  I was on
medication for a while, but not everyone needs it.  If you don't have any
symptoms, you may not need it.  I would suggest seeing a psychiatrist.  They
can put you on medication or recommed a good therapist, or maybe they will
you that you need both.  If you would prefer not to take meds, then tell
that.  A good therapist will not only get to the bottom of why you have the
anxiety, but also show you ways to deal with it when it gets bad.  I have
book "The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook" (I think that's the name)... it's
helpful also.  Good luck!
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I don't know of any diabetic patients that are not depressed,OCD or Anxious.
It comes with the territory. It is actually a survival skill we all learn
real young. It's worse if you had developed diabetes before age 11. All of
us need a shrink ast one time or another,  diabetes is not fair. spot who
has a permannt shrinking appointment every tuesday., spot
A. L. Bender, M. D.
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