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[IP] Joslin Pump Recommendation

I wrote:

Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 22:03:01 -0400
From: "Charlie Flugel" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] MiniMed Customer Service

A while ago there was a posting that the Joslin Center is no longer
recommending the Paradigm.  Can anyone provide the source of that info?  If
it is true, what was their reason and what pump do they now recommend and

Charlie Flugel

The below is a response I just received and have permission to share with
the IP group.
                Charlie Flugel


Here is the story on Joslin.  Feel free to post this on IP.org

Dr. Wolpert is the Director of the Insulin Pump Program at Joslin.   He sent
a letter to his Paradigm patients on May 17, 2002. This letter stressed the
importance of not being connected while adjusting the Paradigm reservoir.
Dr. Wolpert regrets that competitive pump companies have used this letter to
create a misperception about Medtronic MiniMed and the Paradigm Pump.  The
letter was intended for his patients and was not to be distributed outside
of the Joslin centers. The intent of his letter was primarily to make sure -
as he mentions in the second bullet point in his letter, that patients were
aware of  "the need to disconnect the infusion line from the catheter before
retightening the cap to ensure that too much insulin is not delivered,
leading to acute hypoglycemia".   Disconnecting before adjusting or handling
your reservoir is a fundamental tenet of pump therapy and is appropriately
mentioned in the pump training materials.

Dr. Wolpert says there have been ZERO reports to him or Joslin of this
situation occurring.  He has also not received a report of this occurring
outside of the Joslin system.

Since May Dr. Wolpert has prescribed over 20 Medtronic MiniMed pumps, more
than 1/2 of these were Paradigms. For the months of May thru August, all
physicians at the Joslin Clinic in Boston prescribed over 70 Paradigms. It
appears that Dr. Wolpert and the Joslin system are comfortable with the
safety of the Paradigm!

Dr. Wolpert has offered to take phone calls and/or emails from anyone
(Health Care Professionals or patients) who wishes to have their concerns
about the Paradigm dispelled. He can be reached at (617) 732-2665 or emailed
at email @ redacted

Mark Estes
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