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[IP] Re: Airport security and pumps

>[IP] Airport security and pumps

Heidi Said:  "I was wondering if anyone has experienced problems with 
airport security and your pump. I have to fly in a couple of days, and I am 
wondering what I need to have on my person, to show evidence of why I am 
caring the pump, lancets, needles, etc.  Will a prescription from the doctor 

I haven't had any experience with airlines, but I have had to go through 
checkpoints to get into a Federal Courthouse in Boston (gotta love workin' 
for a lawyer....).

The guards saw the pump and thought it was a pager.  (I have a MM508).  When 
I showed them the tubing and told them it was attached to me, they let me go 
right through with no questions.  The other thing I did notice was that the 
pump did not set off the alarm in the courthouse.  Maybe there wasn't enough 
metal in it to register?

Weird Jenn
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