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[IP] Re: Meter ads (was: mtm)

>I agree at first glance this would imply that insulin shots are horribly 
>painful, on the other hand would agree that testing was far worse than 
>taking a shot. Since there target audience are diabetics, we are already 
>familiar with pain involved with finger sticks, so comparing sticks to 
>shots is probably not a good comparison. 

I agree, technically the statement is true -- fingerstick tests do usually 
"hurt worse than insulin shots".  (for that matter, testing on my Freestyle 
also "hurt worse than my insulin shots"!)  But as you said, it just seemed 
like a silly comparison to make.  Diabetics, insulin-using or not, 
*hopefully* already test their bg and know what it feels like. They don't 
need it compared to insulin shots.  But, it did just occur to me that I 
guess the ad might prompt some diabetics who never test because they 
think it's "too painful" to go get a Freestyle and *use it*!  So I suppose it 
could be of some value there.

I guess the main reason the ad bugged me is that I can't help but imagine 
the reactions of non-diabetics watching it.  To them, "hurt worse than my 
insulin shots" probably sounds like a really dramatic statement.  I can just 
see them coming to the conclusion of, "Oh, the poor lady -- she must 
just be in pain all the time between those horrible insulin shots and those 
even worse bood glucose tests!" -- and by extension, conclude that life 
for everyone with diabetes must be equally miserable.  I can just picture 
my dad watching the ad and fretting about the idea that I have to "suffer 
through that" all day (well, obviously not the shots anymore since I'm 
pumping, but the bg tests).  True, bg testing and injections probably 
aren't anyone's idea of fun, but I thought the ad made the whole thing 
seem a lot more "melodramatic" than it actually is.

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