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[IP] Re: insulin lows

Dianne de Mink asks:

> What causes those longer lows?  I last had a low like that when I was doing 
> MDI and took a long acting insulin - 6 or more years ago.  I was just low 
> enough (46) to be able to stand but too confused to know what to do

It is possible your glycogen stores in the liver were depleted from prior BG 
problems.  It is also possible that your own alpha cells that make glucagon 
are ineffective..not unusual for a Type 1. These 2 situations can lead you to 
horrendous low BGs.

An illness can cause your glycogen to break down to add extra glucose needed 
to fight an infection or to provide extra glucose for the "bugs" growing in 
your body.  (Just a partial explanation, but the most likely culprits.)
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