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Re: [IP] How Pumping Helped Me {Exercising w/ a Pump}

Don't give up before you try! 8)

I actually find that it's harder to get
myself motivated to consistently work out,
than to manage my bg while exercising. (I can
usually come up with any number of excuses
or things I'd rather be doing than working out.)

> This doesn't help with weight loss, my endo
> told me that exercise would probably not help
> me to lose weight because of the lows, but
> that I would just get into better shape.

Since I've lost almost 40lbs over the last 14
months by consistently running, I'm having a hard
time swallowing this endo's opinion. <vbg>  It
hasn't been very easy, but I haven't had
significantly more lows than other times.

> Spontaneous bike rides and such, even if I
> suspend my pump, I still go low before the
> ride is over and I have to carb up during it.

True, (as a couple of other folks have posted), bg
goes low a lot more when you're just starting an
exercise program.  So maybe begin with planned
rides instead of spontaneous rides, so you have
a chance to lower your basal beforehand. Or
reduce your carb bolus and ride after a meal.
Eventually the adjustments become smaller as your
endurance increases.  You're usually looking at 2
weeks of consistent effort before things start to
"feel easier".  As you figure out how much to
reduce your insulin, you'll need to "carb up" less
and less.

Also true, spontaneous workouts can be hard to manage.
But, it's tough to get a significant fitness/weight
benefit unless you put in a regular effort.
Sticking to a plan of a few rides/week is much
more effective than going for a spontaneous ride
when you feel like it.  If you commit to a regular
schedule of working out, it's easier to plan out
your bg/workout strategy.


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