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Re: [IP] Airport security and pumps: Italy

Before I left on my trip to Italy, I called
Continental three times and got three different
answers on what I needed to provide as 'proof' that my
insulin pump was not a bomb. :-) Consensus seems to be
insulin with a pre-printed pharmacy label will do it.
Dr's notes can be forged, so they don't seem impressed
by those, although I did have one rep. tell me I
needed one. I threw caution to the wind and flew
without one.

I had no problem in the U.S. (even though I was tagged
for 'special inspection') - I didn't set off the metal
detector, and when I was 'personally inspected', I
just explained to the screener what it was - "like a
pacemaker, but on the outside" seemed to work. She
told the supervisor it "was a pacemaker" (whatever)
and I breezed through.

I was more worried about the folks in Italy, and after
more than 7 flights with my pump, I finally set off
the metal detector. I started to explain what it was
to the Italian guard, and the supervisor came running
over and before I said one word said, (in very broken
English) "Insulin pump. No problem."

I guess there are a lot of us out there! 

By the way, it's been one year since my last,
non-pumping trip to Europe and I couldn't believe the
difference - instead of being completely wiped out by
the time change, the jet-lag, the insulin adjustment,
etc. like last trip (where I had to spend almost two
days sleeping and then bounced from hypo to high 3-4
times a day for a week) I was fine almost immediately.
I ate everything (pasta and gelato) and walked
everywhere with very few highs, very few lows. It
really made me realized how much this little machine
has changed my life. Yay!

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